Thursday, October 12, 2023


My Fall training group is over. 

It started in June (July?), but it's a 15 week training session for Fall races. There area a number of folks in my group doing Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, London and New York. 

I've mentioned, my winter / spring group - which were mostly all the same folks - were very cliquey. No one said 'boo' to me at all. 

This go-round, I went out of my way to connect, and to be fair, some of them did too. I'm not super close to any of them, but one or two women text with me now and then, and there are words of encouragement from some of the elites that I didn't even think knew I existed. 

Sure, they don't know my name or anything, but you steps. 

Tuesday was our last run of 2023. I haven't decided on joining them in 2024, but I think I might, just for the structured runs.  .....and the ice cream. 

On our last run, we started from a new location, just so we could end back up there. We ended the run with ice cream. But you already figured that out from the last paragraph.....and maybe the photo. 

Yes, the group is a bit testosterone-lite. A few of the guys weren't there or didn't make the picture, but it's all good. Yes, it ruined my dinner for Tuesday night. 

Clearly people like ice cream. Tuesday at 18:30 and there was a line of 15 folks when we got there and at least another 20 came through after we all got ours. Does nobody eat dinner?

There is an email and FB group of these folks, so I might reach out in a general group message all to see if anyone wants to run on a Saturday or Sunday. Weeknights with daylight savings about to happen seems less likely. If they take me up on it - great.  If not - I won't take it too much to heart. I think a few will want to keep running. I know I do. 

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Old Lurker said...

Well, some of us eat ice cream AND dinner. And we don't do any running beforehand to justify doing such. And then we wonder why we are blobby?

Travel said...

An eating group, with a running problem,