Wednesday, October 04, 2023


I think the post image would be funnier if the GOP sitting in the House weren't going to nominate someone far worse and far more to the right. 

I get, but I don't get, the GOP. 

They are all about retribution. Period. 

It's not about governing, or even winning. It's about making others lose. The crueler the better. They'd gladly shut down the US government just to 'show them'........whoever 'them' are. 

What they aren't, is completely dumb. 

Let's see going into a presidential election cycle where they still worship the orange calf. He's not gold. He's not even gold-plated. But what better way to get an edge than to blame Democrats - who hold the White House - for shutting down the government because they won't compromise. 

It's tried and true and works most every time. 

It also seems a little early in the election season for that, but.........what do I know 

Full disclosure: I haven't read much about McCarthy being ousted. What I haven't heard is who might be his replacement. I got a lot of scoffs when last time I said it could be Jordan, but it could be. 

Imagine this: Marjorie Taylor C U Next Tuesday.  (I don't Blogger putting this post behind a sign-in wall). 

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Travel said...

The vote kind of isolated the names of the nutters, 8 of them, that don't have the support of the rest of the Rs. It is a very-very weird time in a very weird part of the world.

James Dwight Williamson said...

It won’t be Gaetz or Jordan