Wednesday, April 05, 2023

a Kind of Hush

I suppose, for historical purposes only, I have to mention BLOTUS' indicated indicted. 

I'm for it, of course, but it means next to nothing. There is not going to be any jail time for this. Hell, he might plead it down to a misdemeanor. 

The "man" has done far worse things, none of which has seen the inside of a court room. 


I mean, we can hope and pray, right? 

But to his base, who've completely overlooked him fucking around on his wives (all of three of them); talking about grabbing women by the pussy, allegations of rape and even being attracted to his own daughter - paying a prostitute hush money to keep quiet so he could win an election is nothing. 

For fuck sake, he tried to overthrow an entire government to win an election. Moving $130 big ones around is chump change. 

Honestly, in retrospect, it took a very small petty man to take down an entire democracy. That will actually be his legacy. Sure, it was fragile before, but it is on life support. Now it's a big fucking DNR. 

I don't really know if I am more afraid of BLOTUS getting re-elected, or DeSantis picking up and finishing the job to strangling this country. 

We really need to finalize a plan that gets us out of this country for good if either of those scenarios happen. 

Song by: Herman's Hermits


Old Lurker said...

When DeSantis gets elected the situation is going to get dire. Fortunately you only have to cross Lake Erie to get to safety.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Hand wringers get cramps, Winners vote and bring all their friends

Travel said...

It was fun watching him face the Court yesterday. For a "wealthy" man, he had to scrape $130,000 out of his business and call it legal fees that he deducted from his taxes. Remember tax fraud is what they got Al Capone.