Friday, April 07, 2023


My running pain - both hip and knees - has not truly subsided, even though I'm about two months into physical therapy. 

Blobby does his exercises - strengthening and stretching - diligently. Many who go to PT aren't always compliant.  I'm not that. I really want to be better. 

As I said, I'm two months in and while things are better, I won't say they're "good". Last Saturday I only got 4 miles (well, 4.18....but who's counting?) in of the groups 8 mile run. The hip hurt from the word 'go'.  I'd say, by mile 3, I wasn't noticing it that much, but I know it wasn't self-healing, so I did the right thing by turning back. 

Still, my PT thought it would be time for me to go back to the doc and even suggested the cortisone shot I'd been considering. 

I told my peeps last weekend, I was afraid to ask for you, for fear of being told no or worse, to stop running. But I bit the bullet and on Tuesday called for an appointment - one that was two + weeks out. I wasn't happy.  I'd say I worked the system and to a degree I did. I do have access to see thing that mere mortals cannot, but still, if you're trying to get into a doc call every morning to see if they have any cancellations.  My 2+ weeks became 2 days.  Yayyy me. 

I won't get into it but a huge snafu in radiology made me wicked late for my appointment. And while they did hip x-rays, I wasn't expecting to have to wear a gown. 

The doc, as always, was great. I love my ortho doc. I mean, I COULD love him. Yesterday I did love him. I didn't even have to beg for a cortisone shot to the hip and knee. I thought he might limit how much he could do - and I prepared to say, if you can only do one, do the hip. 

But I got both. 

It's only been five hours since shot and drafting of this post, but I think (?). my knee feels way better and my hip pain lessened. It might totally be placebo effect at this point. I think I'll have a better idea in a day or so. 

Considering the hip joint shot location, the injection wasn't really painful. The needles was fine, it was the pressure of him pushing that made me uncomfortable........and yes, that IS what she said. The knee one was nothing. 

I am so ready to be better and get back to running, not hobbling running, but getting to better times and longer distances. With the weather getting better......and hopefully old man parts on the mend, I will be able to achieve this. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I hope you get some mileage out of it , my mother got a lot of good out of epidurals for her back.

Old Lurker said...

My, don't you look stylish in that gown! (Notice how tactful we are being by politely ignoring you pulling down your undies to show us your hip.)

I hope the cortisone shots work for you, and that your body heals so you can run with your friends.

Travel said...

My doc keeps saying, we can do a lot to keep you moving, and the longer you move, the longer you will move. That is kind of circular, but she means well.

Anonymous said...

I once had a car like that - all of the parts didn't work at the same time - so I replaced it...

Hope the magic of cortisone works for you.

Will Jay

The Cool Cookie said...

I have had a cortisone shot into my right knee twice, one shot about five years apart, and it is blessed relief.
I had it in my right shoulder multiple times in the summer of 2010, and I was headed to surgery for a torn rotator cuff. The second shot did nothing. THANKFULLY, my next-door neighbor saw me suffering and being affiliated with OSU Medical School, made a call, and got me in to see a different ortho guy. "You don't need surgery - you have a small bone spur." He gave me another shot in the correct place and then set me up for the PT. Saved me the misery of surgery.