Sunday, April 23, 2023


Yes, another running post.  Deal with it. I got nothing else going on in my life. 

I signed up for another race.

Let me rephrase: I was guiltily browbeaten (but nicely) into signing up for another race. A 10-miler. 

The aforementioned browbeating took place five days before the race.  I signed up the following day, only because the last chance to pick up your bib was the day after that. I succumbed to peer pressure. 

My concern - other than my knee, hip and anxiety, is that I'd only run 10 miles (in a row!) once before - two weeks ago

The normal Saturday run I would / could have done with my running group was also going to be 10 miles, but they didn't offer a t-shirt and banana at the end. Sure sure.......there's a cost to this, but what the heck. As it turns out there were about a dozen or so folks from said group at this race. 

I've run in the heat and the cold, but not the rain, and not in the cold and rain. I woke up to 44° and steady, but not pouring, rain. Crap.  

I already had the t-shirt, so in theory, I could just bag it all, but I didn't. I had to replan what I was going to wear, and like every other run this year, it was about layers. T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, water proof-like coat, legging, shorts and gloves. Oh, and a hat. That was new. 

My shoes and socks were soaked through before I made it from the car to the gathering place. The rain was cold, as was the breeze off of Lake Erie. Oh yes, we started right next to one of the Great Lakes. 

I had a goal. Two actually. 

1. To finish. Duh. 

2. To start off slow. 

I always start out too strong and struggle the rest of the run. I get caught up in the ego and the other runner's abilities, ignoring my own. I was determined not to do that this time - and I didn't. 

As it turns out, I ended up running most of the way with another guy - Joe. He was trying for the same pace, so we kind of just hung together. Odd, a rando in a race has made more of a connection with me than I have with any of the group participants. 

The rain was problematic mostly before we started. I loved how people were avoiding puddles after mile 2. Trust me folks, we are not getting 'more wet' at this point. I just ran through them. 

I wasn't happy or unhappy with my performance. My goal was to finish, not have a personal best. I mean, I added a minute to my last 10 miler, but in my defense, I had to tie my right shoe........twice. I haven't had to do that for the entire last year of running. I used one of those times to use an inhaler too. So, that set me back a little. 

Still, unlike the last 10 miler, which was flat terrain, this run had a lot of elevation, so I think my extra minute was fine. And I was smart enough to wear my last pair of shoes, not the new ones. They are going to take a few days to dry out. 

As it stands right now, the knees and hip are holding up We will see what happens when I try to get out of bed in the morning. 

Song by: the Cult


Raybeard said...

Good for you doing just what you CAN do.
London Marathon today - cold and rain expected, like all our April so far. Will be watching on TV. Poignant as ever - now 23 years since I ran it (just the once).

Travel said...

Congrats on finishing. I loathed running in the rain,

James Dwight Williamson said...

At least you’re doing something consistently that will help your cardiovascular system in the end

peppylady (Dora) said...

I like the color of your jacket.
Coffee is on, and stay safe.

Ur-spo said...

Indeed good for you !

Old Lurker said...

You are looking snazzy, if a little damp. (Not that we should be complaining when you pose in a wet t-shirt.)

I am glad you finished, and made a new running friend. Other friends will come.