Saturday, April 08, 2023


I went out of town last weekend to meet up with most of my besties.   +1. 

Pearl, was staying with Georty. I knew it ahead of time and was stoked. Sure sure.........I heart my friends and all, but..........a new doggie I've never seen.  Squeeeeeeee. 

Georty currently have no pets, and aren't sure they will again. But they dog sit......quite a bit. It's a pretty good scene for all:  free pet care for their friends; feeds the love of animals for Georty without having to care of them full time. 

I gave, and got, love.  Mostly from the dog. Some from / to my friends. 

Pearl !!!!

She's an old soul, but a pretty one. And full of love. 

Shep butt.  But at least me made the IG feed. 

Pearl cuddling with her new favourite. 
Or at least that's my backstory. 

While I was away, 710 took Shep into Lake Erie - in March. 
He had a blast.  Both of them. 

Had I not stopped her, I'm not truly sure she would have every stopped. 

Squirrel v Shep - #81,328

Song by: Paula Cole


Old Lurker said...

Oh come on. You do not bark that much.

Pearl is a sweetie!

You must be jealous not to wade into Lake Erie too.

wcs said...

Our neighbors have a dog named Pearl. He's (yeah, it's a he) is a Jack Russell. Very cute.

Raybeard said...

Pearl's a winner - as Elkie Brooks almost sang......though Shep is too (but of course).

James Dwight Williamson said...

Pearl is a very sweet girl, and obviously must see the giant heart that sits in your chest. I have a fixation on older dogs . Puppies yeah, but the biggest comfort comes from your life buddy.

Travel said...

Thanks I needed that,