Tuesday, April 04, 2023


So.......last Friday night, 710 and I had dinner and do what all men our age do:  watch Jeopardy

A newer thing of the program - in the last year or so - is showing who is on the next show. I vaguely pay attention to these, because....well.....who really knows or cares.

The announcer didn't even need to say the name of the dude (in the Cindy Brady box), as I knew who it was. Dan. 

I'll leave it at first name. If you want to know his last, you can watch yesterday's show. 

Back in the '80s, I went out with Dan for a few weeks. Maybe longer. Whatever the timeframe, it seemed longer than it was. Or should have been. We were all young once, right? We all made mistakes. 

As my post from 2011 says, he was a bit psycho. These days - and back in 1944 - they'd call it 'gaslighting'.  Telling me he was somewhere - or on his way - when he wasn't and didn't. Accusing me of liking another guy, only to start dating that guy for years. And possibly slashing two of my car tires. 

I was not sorry to move on. 

Save a comment here and there on FB, I have had no interaction with Dan for the last 12 years, since that dinner. I'm good with that. Yet, there he was last Friday, staring back at me, finally finding a shirt collar he could button. I'll give it up to the wardrobe department at Merv Griffin Enterprises.......they can work miracles. 

But poor Dan. He started off rough - not unlike Cindy Brady when she was on a quiz show. He stumbled, stuttered and said "the London Ripper guy" - and not "Jack". He also lost on guessing "Shadows of the Night". Pat Benatar was as disappointed as I. 

The meet & greet part was probably the worst. His daughter plays soccer and he admitted to knowing nothing about it. WHAT'S TO KNOW?  You kick a ball into a net. The goalie is the only one who can use their hands. Has he never watched Ted Lasso? I can't image when it's his turn to bring orange slices for after the game, the rest of the soccer moms are going to be happy. 

As it turns out - and spoiler alert - that's the only time you're gonna see him. He won't even be an alternate on the Tournament of Champions. 

Song: the Greg Kihn Band

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