Thursday, April 06, 2023

Like Father Like Son

Oh lord - THIS douchebag. 

There is a democrat who wants to be president actually worse than Pappy Joe.  Robert F'in Kennedy Jr. Jr. 

Because I want a science denying, anti-vaxx guy who drove his second ex-wife to suicide. It's a Kennedy, so divorce doesn't apply to this Catholicism, apparently. 

While a friend to the environment - at least at one point in his life, he's also a loon. 

I'd say he'd be as bad as a president as his father..........but we never got that far. 

John and Robert Kennedy are lauded only because they died by assassin. The former really wasn't that great of a president. Look at most specials about him:  they are about his wife and / or death. His brother was just a bully.  I'm not even sure Robert Sr. would have gotten to candidacy level had John not been to Dallas. 

I'm ok with someone challenging Pappy Joe, but make it a real candidate. And really - why would he want this? The endings for the Kennedy's running for office have not been stellar. 

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Raybeard said...

I recall vividly where I was and what I was doing on hearing about the demises of both JFK and Bobby - and was distraught at both. Then a few years later, must have been in the 70s, I was rather taken aback on hearing Gore Vidal saying that whereas JFK was "bad enough" his brother was "far, far worse". I can just about imagine what he'd now think of this 'younger' guy - and, more generally, the Dem party. I'd only been vaguely aware of Robert Jnr. - he hasn't exactly left his mark, and hardly displays any Presidential material. Now I know a bit more I'm in no way positive that he could beat 45 (if......) as I also have increasing doubts (naturally) about 46 who seems to be getting more and more senile by the day.

Old Lurker said...

Now now. It is not fair to let the Repubs hoard all the QAnon candidates.

James Dwight Williamson said...

He’s a no In my book

The Cool Cookie said...

Robert Kennedy SHOULD have been president, but Joe Kennedy, a man my mother in law's father knew and reviled, insisted that it be Jack only because the eldest son, Joseph P. Kennedy had been killed in the war, and John was up next.
Anyway, Robery F. Kennedy is a total douche bag. Is Cheryl Hines still married to him?