Sunday, April 16, 2023


A week ago, on my run, somewhere on it, my FitBit fell off. I just didn't notice until after the run was over. 

I might have used a few cuss word, but damned if I was going to trek back up to five miles to look for it. That was my fifth FitBit. I wasn't in the mood for another one. 

I needed a new solution for my wrist - but I wasn't sure. My running group seems try to push the Garmin, which isn't my jam......I suppose. The group only uploads our routes to the Garmin. It's so annoying, that I don't want it because of that take. Don't shove a product down my throat because you use it exclusively. 

I've avoided the Apple Watch. I got 710 one a few years back, but to me, it is so unstylish. It's a square. Or square adjacent. But a colleague died suddenly the other day. Rumour has it his Apple Watch's EKG function popped up telling him of having a heart attack. He went immediately to the emergency room. He had an immediate procedure, everything seemingly fine afterwards. But he passed away the following day. He was younger than I am. 

The watch didn't actually save his life, but no doubt he might not have made it to the ED at all. 

I was not finding any other options, so yesterday, I dragged my cousin to the Apple store and tried on a few of the watches. 

I'm still not a fan of the look, but I'm in it for the function. It comes down to - can I run with it, will it stay on and will it track my runs well enough. I think the answer is 'yes' to all three. 

Yet, Apple doesn't let one off that easily. Do you want black or aluminum?  Do you want Apple Care up front, or spread out over two years of payments?   Do you want it to have cellular ability?  Only $50 extra, but that doesn't include the cell service. 

Bands? What kind? How many?  "Oh, that's nice and it's only a $50 up-charge from the standard? I told the sales gal  I had tiny girl wrists. I noticed the subtle look down at said wrists and jokingly called her out on it. She shows me her wrists and I say mine are still smaller.  Her response:  "well, I'm fat". 

Now, this can't possibly be my job - the customer - to make her feel better about her view of her own look, is it?  I mean, she wasn't fat. But what is my responsibility here?  Apparently to buy a few expensive watch from this lady. 

David turned to me and said, "watching you spend your money isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be".  For me either, I added. 

That said, I got the aluminum, I got the cell-abled version, but not the upgraded band - mostly because it was woven, and while I liked it a lot, showering with the water proof watch is fine, but now you have a wet band. Ditto when running and now it's soaked in sweat. 

The Series 8 has 2G for music. This seems frivolous.........unless you run or do other exercise:  I don't have to carry a phone. There is not bouncing of it against my leg. There is no accidentally having it come on or turn off the music. Apparently last weekend I thigh dialed 710. 

I don't need a ton of music. Not 2G worth. But enough for a long run, or a shorter race. 

I finally set it up last night. I'm not thrilled with the band already. I'm sure there are lower priced bands on line. I'll look around. 

Am I over the moon?  No. Am I hopeful for the prospects of using this in a meaningful way?  Yes. 

I'm excited for Tuesday's run, assuming I get music uploaded in time, or seeing if I can play my already created playlists through the cloud.  

Song by: Sisters of Mercy


Old Lurker said...

There are worse people to thigh-dial than 710.

At this point I think your watch is more powerful than the computer I am using to type this.

Travel said...

Let us know how it works out. I am still wearing a mechanical watch.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m glad you got something useful. Hope it proves itself.

The Cool Cookie said...

I cannot do an Apple Watch. They have too much control over me as is.