Friday, April 21, 2023

Have You Seen the Stars Tonite

The explosion of Space X's poorly name "Starship" could easily be a metaphor for Elon Musk himself.  Big. Brash. Potential that flames out spectacularly. 

As 710 said: "let the memes commence!".  He's not wrong.  I'm guessing. 

Musk himself said there was only a 50/50 chance the ship that never made it close to the stars would have a successful mission. I assumed he meant would finish it, not finish it before it really started. 

I bet it was shot down by the Secret Jewish Space Lasers!

This is like the biggest rocket ever - or some such nonsense - and the plan wasn't even to make one trip around the earth.  Fuck- Glenn went around thrice with less technology than my 1985 VCR. Sure, it was supposed to be seven, but hey, at least he did it.........ELON!

I get there were no people on the rocket, but honestly, the story almost immediately fell off the top of the fold (wow - that's an outdated term) in the electronic media. I mean, except for possibly the JPL Picayune. 

I can't tell if we are that jaded, or if because it was unmanned and there were no opportunities for Christa McAuliffe jokes, or ones about the colour of the astronauts eyes*. 

'Tis disappointing that unlike Bezos, Musk doesn't go up in his rockets. This one would have been perfect for him. And for us. 

*blue. they're blue. 

Song by: Jefferson Starship


Raybeard said...

Nice to have the spare odd billion-plus for, when a project fails, to just say "Okay, bring on the next one!"

Travel said...

I am laughing at the descriptions of "a successful launch, but failed to meet mission objectives."

Old Lurker said...

I feel we all expect rockets to blow up sometimes.