Saturday, April 01, 2023


It's no April Fool''s doggy day. Mostly Shep, but there are some visitors. 

Been down this street hundreds of times. I'm guessing this is a new addition. Shep is unfazed. 

Waiting for Dad #2 (me) to come back to the car. 

Olive - my friend Bob's dog. She is SUCH a love.

I'm beginning to think Bailey knows how to take selfies 

Huntin' Squirrels 
I love how people in the parks just love to watch him go into stealth mode, only to do the mad dash at the end of the hunt. They always smile while watching him. 

C'mon Dad. C'mon Dad. C'mon Dad. 
Let's go Let's Go Let's Go. we went. 

Song by: Portishead


James Dwight Williamson said...

Shep continues to hold down the fort! Interesting art on the tree and gorgeous black lab. Bailey makes me want a corgi

Old Lurker said...

It's tough to take selfies without opposable thumbs. Fortunately Bailey has staff to handle her media appearances.

Raybeard said...

My Saturday morning 'dose' of guaranteed smiles. I feel better now.

Travel said...

What happens if he catches a squirrel

Bob said...

That "thing" on the tree at first looked like it grew there!

Happyman said...

Always look forward to Shep and company on Saturday. We have a 11 month old corgi. He’s a tank on short legs, and a total love.

Ur-spo said...

I love Olive !