Sunday, April 09, 2023

Long Distance

While I don't got 'nothin'', I don't have a lot. 

I went running about 36 hours after my cortisone shots. Regardless of my thoughts of the running group, I paid, and that is an impetus enough to show up - even if I don't do their prescribed runs. 

Last Saturday, as I said a day or so ago, I barely eked out four miles from a much longer scheduled run. 

My knee was a LOT better yesterday morning. My hip, might be 50% better. Maybe? So, thought, what the fuck - lets take it out for spin. 

Naturally, it was cold. We have had one decent run day weather. Yeah, I get it is NE Ohio, and barely out of winter, but it still sucks when you're driving and it goes from 34F to 26F, before you get to your destination. 

Since it is Easter, Passover and Spring Break, I'd say maybe less than half of the group was there. It's harder to blend in - or get lost - when there are so few. I was also wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket  - so even more difficult to get lost. This pic you see above is from the Saturday before. 

The run was for 10-12 mile for the less experienced crowd, and 18 for the show-offs. In my head, I was, I'll go do eight. It was twice as much as last Saturday, but a good stretch goal to try out my healing body. 

We ran long the canal, so the tow path is somewhat narrow. There isn't a lot of opportunity when trying to pass. This worked for me though. It was a good pace group with which I didn't lag, or over do. I'd say at mile 2.5, I started to pass people who were a little more aggressive starting out and started to slow down. 

My eight mile goal got stretched to nine, as I was feeling more confident. Then I said, 'WTF', and went the extra half mile to make it to 10. 

I believe I was first to turn around, meaning the others in my group went on to 12. Good for them. I think I could have made that, but didn't want to push, as I thought I already was. I passed a number of people who were very far back and some people I had passed were no longer on the trails. I assume they turned around earlier and never made it out as far. 

The tow path is extremely flat, so not a lot of elevation, but I was going for distance - and to a degree, time. Mostly the former. 

Yes, the hip semi-bothered me the first three or so miles, but not after. The knee, not at all. Neither were true a few hours after the run, but still manageable.  Better yet - while I slowed down here and there, I never stopped once. Save for the start of the run, I didn't even need my inhaler. 

I don't often say this about myself, but I was proud of the work I did. 10.03 miles. And I actually talked to two people - I mean, I had to initiate, but you know.......small steps. 

Song by: the Kinks


Travel said...

That is a lot of running, pace yourself and have fun.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Good , I’m envious of your discipline and effort