Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Liar Liar

You know, Jon Stewart had it right back in 2004, when on the air on CNN, he called Tucker Carlson a "dick". 

Honestly, truer words have never been spoken. 

Compared to that statement, even "the sky is blue" would be called into question as fact. 

I mean, even in my blog image, Carlson is showing his audience his length of this dick.......if it were twice the actual size. 

But Carlson is a dick. Was one. Always will be. 

Two-faced and only out for himself. I think his show, his books, his tweets and his group SMS texts show that. He's loyal to no one but Tucker. This is what you call a charlatan. .....and that's the nicest thing I'd call him. 

And he's out of a job. You know for all of a week. Some other righter winged outlet will snag him. It'll be a coup for them. Fuck if BLOTUS is back on the campaign trail, it would not surprise him who his communications director might be. 

The reality was: Carlson cost Fox almost a billion dollars. More than, if you add in legal fees. Sure, others had their hand in it, but others were not the first person on Dominion's witness list to testify. Only Fucker. Of course, they had that SMS thread where he clearly called out the lies they were telling. There was no way around it - hence the settlement.........hence the firing. 

They can say, "parted ways", but if he had quit, he would have signed off his last show. That did not happen. They canned his ass. 

Of course there are theories to why. I mean, I just shared mine.  (I'm totally right, btw....).  But someone else's made me laugh and laugh and laugh.  It would be the second one. 

It's Fox, so I'm not sure there's a thing as "too racist".  I mean ask any of their Black anchors. 

I'll wait, while you find one. 

Are you back yet?   No?  How about now?  Still need more time?  Take all that you need. But I can't wait forever. 

Allegedly Carlson was the highest rated show on cable. More than anything on ESPN....and possibly anything on Starz!

But having that audience with that kind of lunatic is fucking scary, as we saw.  You don't just fire someone who is the highest rated, which means, where you get all your advertising dollars. You fire them because they're a bigger liability than those dollars could bring in. 

I mean, what the fuck is Kevin McCarthy & Co. going to do now?  He was giving Fucker the tapes to January 6th to spin things a different way. 

I'd say good riddance (to you too Don Lemon!), but these shells of men are nothing more than a personification of what is going on in the country. They just bring hate out in the open and make it acceptable.  They pander. They scream. They raise the advertising rates. 

Hopefully he has a strong non-compete and we will have a year or so break from the d-bag. 

Hey - a boy can dream. 

And I see a wedding band on his hand. Can you imagine how horrible of a person she must be to be married - and stay married - to that guy? Honestly, if you hitch your wagon to him, you might probably be more vile than the man himself. 

Song by: Debbie Harry


Anonymous said...

harris faulkner. she was a respected news anchor in Kansas City before she drank the koolaid and put on the hooker look to join Faux News.

Travel said...

I kinda laughed at the "news" - Nice rant! I hope you feel better now.

Raybeard said...

Carlson is not only dick, he's a cunt too! Only he could be both at the same time - well, apart from 45 - as well as.......oh, so many!

Must admit I'd quite liked Lemon, though I'd never witnessed his reported 'transgressions' myself. Now I know more about his reputation maybe his going won't be such a great loss either.

James Dwight Williamson said...

He’s gone, nothing left to say and now has to pay his own legal fees. Bullies do get their comeuppance and liars too.

Old Lurker said...

I'm surprised they let him go. For many, he was the Fox News brand.

My first thought was "Candace Owens". Apparently she guest hosted on Fox, but her show is on Shapiro's network.