Saturday, April 22, 2023


It's a light doggie week. Not a lot of pictures. Very few, in fact. We all have off-weeks. 

His would be portrait in spring flowers / weeds turned into a scratch fest. 
He's cute though. 

This is Kenna. She goes running on Tuesdays with the run group. 
She is a lot of love and I give her lots of pets. The group might not think a lot about me, but Kenna makes it better. 

Driver side passenger door. 
He knows which one is his. Smart boy. 

Today would have been Petey's birthday. I still miss the guy. 

Song by: Enya


Raybeard said...

Good to see Shep carrying on with his doggy life, just living in the moment which we a lot of us would like to do ourselves.
And, gone but never forgotten, a very happy birthday to our dear old Petey.

Travel said...


Old Lurker said...

Happy late birthday, Petey.
I question whether humans in your running group dislike you as much as you feel they do. I doubt they are even indifferent. You are so handsome that I bet a couple have crushes on you.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Kenna is in the best shape of anyone in the running group, if you have a dog for a friend , who needs humans