Wednesday, April 26, 2023


I'm somewhat sorry to hear of Dame Edna's passing.  Well, Barry Humphries, I suppose. But without one, you don't have the other. 

Dame Edna was hilarious. Sure sure......not in Tennessee, where "she" would not allowed to perform in this day and age, 

Allegedly, 710 and I saw her in New York back in 2000. 

I mean, we did see her. We had a trip to the city with tickets to see her show and then Kids in the Hall. I don't remember any of it. Oddly enough, I was not high or drunk, just ill. 

I was so deathly ill, that I remember almost nothing of that trip. Two things I can recall - 710 leaving me to just go out and me ending up meeting him at 30 Rock outside the window where the Today Show was going on. The other part was on the way home - we stopped halfway and while he was checking in, I slipped on ice in the parking lot and just lay there waiting for a car to run me over. Actually, hoping one would - that is just how out of it / sick I was. It wasn't suicidal ideation, just the hope of sweet release. 

710 looked out and only saw legs and feet and ran out to get me. 

But in theory, I'm sure Dame Edna was great when we "saw" her. I don't remember going. I don't remember seeing her or laughing. Odds are she was good. I can't really ask 710 because his recall for anything isn't stellar. 

I did see this clip a few years back - it's long, but I love how the host of the show just kind of hands it over to Edna who just talks a blue streak and most all funny.  Anyone who makes Judi Dench just laugh and laugh is fine with me. 

Song by: the Guess Who


Travel said...

Glad it was a slow traffic day

James Dwight Williamson said...

I won’t comment ! Other than to say , your descriptions of being sick are very amusing.