Thursday, April 20, 2023

Settle for Nothing

I am tres disappointed in Dominion and them settling against Fox. 

I don't know for a fact that they needed any of the money for which they were suing the "news" outlet. I really wanted and needed the network to admit to their lies.

Yes, the depositions - to a degree - have been released and Hannity, Murdock and Carlson all admitted not just to fabricating what they knew wasn't true - the latter two talked about their dislike of BLOTUS. 

And it didn't make a difference. 

BLOTUS still got interviewed by Carlson after it was told how much the latter loathes the former. 

Both are sheisters who will do anything to get ahead. I'd say "the lesser of two evils" but neither is less in this category. 

I'm not so naive that I think a full trial with each of those personalities taking the stand - or even telling the truth - would change the minds of their viewers one iota, but now we'll never know. 

To me - pleading the Fifth or "settling" for almost a billion dollars so one doesn't have to admit wrongdoing, is actually admitting wrongdoing. The almost all white population - especially with red caps - somehow won't see it that way. 

But this population are racist fuckheads who already believe enough lies to be ok with a coup of the government. And their ok'ness of it all has actually let the GOP be more ruthless and cruel - or at least just much more out in the open about it. 

Dominion still has cases against Sydney whatshername and the mayor of 9/11. Sorry - but neither of them have any money with which to settle, so some of this shit could still come out in the wash. You can still call Carlson & Co to the stand for their trials as witnesses. 

So maybe this can still be good. 

Song by: Rage Against the Machine


James Dwight Williamson said...

There is Smartmatic and the investment firm that owns Dominion settled not Dominion. For ten times the worth of the company!
I hope Smartmatic takes them even further down financially, but 800 million dollars is not a nothing burger. IMHO

Old Lurker said...

Sometimes you surprise me with your musical selections. I did not peg you as a RATM fan either.

I am not that surprised that Dominion disappointed. In my jaded mind they are hardly heroes. I do hope somebody takes FOX down the way Sandy Hill brought down Alex Jones.

Travel said...

The debates in tort law circles were that the case was very-hard to win, the legal standard is one that is very hard - nearly impossible to meet. There could have been a week of damning testimony and a ruling that let Faux off the hook entire. I was surprised when it settled, and yes settling for nearly a billion dollars is not exactly settling for nuisance value. And admission, without saying it, just by writing the check.

Ur-spo said...

I am not surprised a business went for money over justice after all they are a business.
Let us hope something good comes out of it .