Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Get Away

There isn't a lot going on that isn't running, work or fraud protection. My life has been busy lately, but not in a horrible way. 

This year, I can count on two fingers how many days I've taken off. It's pathetic. I have to change that - and soon. A few long weekends or something. 

BUT - we do have our summer trip planned. 

I'm very excited. 

This is the same location, but a new place in which we are staying. We thought we'd go somewhere else this year, but for what we have planned, going back to Maine this year would have been problematic. I would have been happy to do P-Town too, but I think I like the slightly off-season better.

Yes, things are a few months away but that's ok. It's a goal. 

I really cannot wait that long to not take off some work time. It is not healthy. So, something maybe in June. Maybe a place we can take Shep. 

Still.............I'm excited. 



James Dwight Williamson said...

Watch out for the jellyfish

Travel said...

Take next week off.