Monday, April 10, 2023

My Music Monday

It's shuffle day today. The 10th song that comes up on my phone - as long as I haven't already posted it sometime since I started this My Music Monday thread in 2010 (!!!!). 

While I have utilized the band, the Cardigans, in the past, never the song, "Good Morning Joan". 

The song is from the band's last (final?) 2005 album release, (2007 in the U.S.) Super Extra Gravity

The ? after 'final' means it might not be final. The Cardigans, officially, have not broken up, though a 16 year hiatus doesn't sound horribly promising. The band does do some one-off shows now and then, so one never does know. 

Most folks in the U.S. know the band from their one hit, "Lovefool", but they should not be judged on that - good or bad. It's a little bubble-gummy, and not really what they portray in the rest of their catalog. 

Super Extra Gravity is a good album, but not their best, but it has moments, and I've always enjoyed today's selection. 

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