Wednesday, January 11, 2023

the Throne Room

You all know the right brain / left brain thing. 

The right, allegedly, is more creative in terms of visual and artistic stuff.  Us lefties are more controlled by logic, speech, language, etc. 

I struggle with being creative.  You read this blog - you get it. 

I suppose this could be "language". Creative, it is not. But when it comes to creating art, or thinking creatively outside of work issues, I'm not your guy. 

Those who can see art in things, or make things are amazing to me. Even if I had the vision, I would falter on how to make said vision. 

Music is a big one. I get songwriting. The production on putting things together, having a single instrument play a few notes on a song, and it makes the song (no, not more cowbell!), can be inspired. 

Movies. Lord. How does one get from A to Z with any mind left?  They're shot out of order, so you're always piecing them together in your head on how it will be, but maybe backwards. You have to keep that in order to figure out what is what while you're three scenes ahead or behind. 

And if you've ever seen one made - it is SO boring. Wait around for three hours for three minutes of work, then reset everything for the next scene. Or maybe the previous one. 

So, while I get that this all includes acting, writing, lighting, filming, special effects, et al, never - and I mean NEVER - underestimate the power of the film score. 


Rebecca sent me the below.  

It. Is. Painful. 


Absolutely painful to watch. And I've seen it 1,083 times over my lifetime (so far), just in a different way. Just as you all have. I never realized how bad it is................without music. 

Well, without music...........a voice over.......some sound effects and one throat lozenge.

.....and yes, while painful, for full disclosure, I laughed out loud three separate times. Like truly LOL'd. 


All hail John Williams. 

Song by: London Symphony Orchestra


Old Lurker said...

I feel you have a relatively quick wit. That takes some creativity. But I am in awe of creatives too.

Ur-spo said...

Mr. WIlliams is a dear.
I remember buying the record of the music in the 70s and thought it better than the movie.