Wednesday, April 27, 2022


I basically have nothing. It's a weird week.  Not explanation - it just is. 

Like our old 'hood, the new one is part of the Hollywood scene. You might remember Captain America being filmed in our old enclave. Another film is in the works just four streets over. I haven't made my way there yet - nor probably will - but I passed a parking lot that had a lot of trailers and such housed there as some sort of staging area. 

Oh - the movie?  Drama?  Comedy?  Sci-Fi? 

Nah  A doc-u-like-pic of................wait for it........................wait for it...................the life of LeBron James. 

I. Shit. You. Not. 

I'm guessing this will be on Reelz or Starz.  

James grew up down near Akron - 35 miles from us. So, why they're filming here is beyond me. He attended a Catholic school down that way, so it only makes sense to use an Episcopal church as the stand in. 

The street on which they had been filming (before moving on to the church scenes) is extremely nice. I don't know what they were trying to portray there, but James, by all accounts, did not grow up in a house that would be of that caliber / calibre.  

So why not just film it where you grew up?  Don't get me wrong, if my town gets the tax dollars for the filming taking place, I mean, maybe it will help fix a road or two. 

That all said, James isn't even dead yet, let alone retired - so why is there movie (sorry - "movie") even in the works? 

I shan't be taking the time to watch this. 

Song by: the Bangles


Travel said...

Maybe Shep can be an extra

Blobby said...

they can't meet his price.