Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Site of the Month

As if this decade couldn't get any worse, just wait till you see this Site of the MonthPopulation IO

That's right, a site that will tell where you fall in the population. How long will I live. The Journey of your life in numbers and dates! 

Enter your date of birth (don't, but you can make up a fake one around your date of birth), country of birth and sex at birth. it goes..........


But let's get to it. When am I kicking the bucket. 

If I compare it to living in France, and should I live there, I get an extra year.  This would still bring down my family average of 90+.   I have no desire to live this long. 

....and other milestones. 

There are a bunch of other stats at which to look. I'm just telling you right now, I am not blogging for another 25.2 yrs. 

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