Monday, April 04, 2022

My Music Monday

I planned nothing for today. So you know the drill:  10 song shuffle and whatever is #10 gets the MMM spotlight - unless it's already been selected previously, then it's #11. 

I've done a Jann Arden song or two over the last decade +, but not the title track to what I think is her second album, Living Under June

Way in the past, I had a reader from Canada name Don. I don't think he's still reading me, at least he stopped commenting. But Don knew of Arden, possibly my only reader to do so.  She puts out disks regularly, but I'm not a regular buyer. After a really awful covers disk (most are), I only purchased one more disk. 

That said, Living Under June is still a great album.  It's still a good song too. 

The song always reminds me of - and I'll get this semi-wrong - my friend Jon's friends who lived under a woman from which they could hear a variety of things and "events". For the longest time, I remembered this woman's name (whom I'd never met) for at this moment, I cannot recall.  I'm about 71% he'll tell us in the comments. 

Still the song touches on less than ideal living, which I'm guessing we've all had and can relate to. I mean, it can't just be me, right? 

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Travel said...

Had a neighbor in an apartment one time who was a MOANER. The person I was living with was convinced the neighbor was being abused, I assure you she was she was "consenting" and ENJOYING!