Saturday, April 16, 2022

On With the Show

Sorry cat lovers - this is not a Sophie heavy week. Oh sure, she makes her appearance, but today is skewing a little Shep heavy, and actually he has some other pics I didn't use (yet) for this post. Yes, I have a stockpile of Shep images to use as needed. Sophie is more elusive in certain ways. 

On with the show...........

Not raspberries - just pic post daycare / mid-make out session in the car. 

the Queen. 

Look who figured out how to put down his window!
THIS is going to be a problem. But I have window locks. 

Bailey home from her boarding session, where she probably only made 2-3 dozen new friends. 

All knowing. All knowledge. 

Birthday treat. 

Semi-nearby neighbor, Stella, a one-year old bassett house, provided birthday treats at daycare. Shep got one on the way out. I suppose this means on his b-day, we'll have to make something for everyone in his "class". 

Song by: Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie


James Dwight Williamson said...

Birthday Treat -glad he got a party favor!

Travel said...

Be a good daddy on the birthday

Bob said...

Now, you need to teach Shep to drive.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, hopefully more of Sophie next week.