Saturday, April 02, 2022

I'll Follow the Sun

It was a busy, yet uneventful, week.  But you know, dogs and cats always make it better.  Always!

Pretty girl hanging out, just being pretty. 

Someone is always happy to be picked up from 'school'. 

I love when she sticks her tongue out.  I don't think it's at me, but she wouldn't be the first....or last. 

Bailey back from the groomer, looking super confident. 

I wasn't lying last week about never wanting to come in. 

Sun Spot Goddess. 

Song by: the Beatles


Anonymous said...

Funny how cats always find the sun spots, my cat follows the sun round the garden.

Travel said...

Lots like a warm sunny spot

Bob said...

I was thinking Bailey was the winner this week, and then Miss Sophie found her light!

Ur-spo said...

you have the best set of pets