Thursday, April 28, 2022

Die Another Day

Oooh, I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. 

It wasn't bad. I mean, I'm not dying. Well, not actively. I suppose we're all dying! Right? 

My last two providers were older, so I outlasted them. They're not dead - as far as I know - but just retired. I have a better chance of dying or retiring before my new doc. And I probably have a better chance of dying than retiring.  I am of a certain age where I think about these things. 

The dozens of tests they ran all came back before my appointment. I insist on getting my testing done days in advance, so the actual visit is about that and not "what ifs". Of course, this leaves me fraught with any lab that come back "abnormal". 

Nothing was way out of whack, but we are repeating two tests: one blood; one pee.  The pee one is already done and it's slightly better than the first version, but still not where it should be. The blood one we will address in a few weeks. 

The one result I forgot address was my low HDL. It's always low no matter how much I exercise. Still, subconsciously, maybe I avoided it so it wouldn't put me on another medication. The rest of my lipid panel was A+.

The doc has a good bedside manner, so I'm fairly pleased with him. It was only my second time seeing him. Third, if you count when he was a Fellow and he saw me with my now-retired second doc. 

It was nice to be able to answer the question "have you fallen since the last time you've been here?", with a semi-resounding 'no'!.   Again - I am of a certain age. 

So, barring any unforeseen comets of busses, it seems I will live another day. 

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Raybeard said...

Over the last few years a 'new' sign of ageing started coming over me - viz, when I've gone, worrying (or at least wondering) what anyone is going to find on my laptop if and when they look at my viewing history. Despite deleting the history daily I know there are ways and means to over-ride that, especially if for some reason the police want to take a look. Wouldn't like any surviving siblings to know. However, I don't get obsessive about it - just a lingering thought.

Anonymous said...

Your mileage may vary, but I've had a Doctor Doogie transfer to another part of the practice. He wasn't as good as the previous fellow who was only two years younger than I am. New Primacy Care MD is a girl doctor. She has kids to put through college and grad school, so she should be around a while.

Travel said...

One of my father's flying doctor friends, died of a heart attack, driving a speedboat full throttle while smoking a cigar, Cliff enjoyed life to the last moment.