Monday, April 25, 2022

My Music Monday

There is no theme for April. I'm going for "new" music. 

I have no idea if it is indeed new, or just new to me. And if new, how new it might be.  And I might be drunk-ish. Ask any of my friends on my Sunday Zoom call. 

YouTube will have you believe this is five days old.  Or five days news - depending on your point of view. Technically, by the time this posts, it will be six days old / new. 

I know nothing of the Fontaines D.C.  - and if you say otherwise, I'd call you a liar, but I have nothing of which to back that up.  Anyhoo - they have a song called "Roman Holiday" which I am featuring here. I only heard it yesterday - when I was not drunk-ish. 

I liked it enough to take a snap of my "radio" so I'd remember it. I haven't played it a second time (yet) to verify if I actually liked it. 

Live and learn.  


Raybeard said...

An Irish group, 'Google' 'informs' me. To state the obvious, video taken from a pre-seatbelts era?

Travel said...

It has a particular sound, background music for me

Unknown said...

Never seen the vid. Nice to know WTH those words are he's singing.