Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Welcome to the Club

I have never seen a Harold & Kumar's Fabulous Adventure movie. Ok - I know that is mixing up H&K with Bill & Ted, but you get the idea.  

I have, however, been to White Castle. Allegedly.  Honestly, should it have happened at all, I was by myself after the bars closed..............and I was drunk.  Or high.  Or both.  But if you've never seen me there...and had a camera, you can't prove a thing. 

Sliders and onion chips at 03:00.....and drunk......or high..........and alone......seemed to be the only acceptable to eat at White Castle. And by 'eat at White Castle' I mean, drive through and eat and get ill in the privacy of your own apartment. 

It hardly seemed worthwhile to see a movie about two drunk.....or high...guys trying to find this place. I've lived it. Allegedly.  I don't need to pay to see that on the big screen. It's like living my secret shame (or one of them!) and having to see it larger than life. Allegedly. 

That said, while I didn't know Kal Penn from seeing him in those movies, he's in just about everything just about Mr. Everyman. Well, Mr. Southeast Asian Everyman.  Actually - maybe just the first. He fits so well into most everything I've seen him in, his ethnicity almost never (if ever) plays into the role itself. 

He seems likable. He is at least for one other man. .....his fiancé.  Yes, Penn is into Pen15. Or Penises. Maybe just one. 

Good for him. 

I don't begrudge him not telling the world. People come around - and out - in their own time and way. He claims he worked out his sexuality later in life, and you know, better late than never. But he's been with his beau for 11 years. 

....and apparently they do dude things together. Sports things. Or perhaps they're just sitting stage-side at Spring Awakenings. It's hard to say. 

It does rub me a little the way he came out in his book - for his book? - that he's now out promoting. 

I have zero idea what the book is actually about, but I suppose you have to have a hook to bring them in, but since you just told me what said hook was, the chances of me buying it vs the new Suzanne Somers at 75 tome is 50/50 at best. 

I hope he is some kind of role model for other Southeast Asian gay kids who need or want to come out. I mean, save comedian Alex Mapa, I'm not sure there is another visible one.  Well, the guy who played Typhoon on Parks & Rec. Seriously, just YouTube clips of Typhoon, hilarious!  I mean over 4 episodes he's in it for about 83 seconds. 

But yay for Kal. Welcome to the club. The toaster-oven is on its way. 

Song by: Eva Cassidy


James Dwight Williamson said...

You are a hard man Blobby. Kal Penn did his time in the Obama White House and has had good luck in life. So he waited till later to say he sucks dicks, that’s nothing men worse than him have been doing it forever I can’t find much to criticize about him , I know he would be , there for us should we have to fight with knives and clubs. I over simplify everything but I actually like him. Rectum rockets is what I call White Castle or Krystal

VoenixRising said...
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VoenixRising said...

I'm still waiting for my toaster oven. Probably because toaster ovens weren't a thing when I came out. (Oops...I actually did my research after typing that and toaster ovens have been around 100 years or so, and I am not that old, although it feels like it sometimes.)