Saturday, November 06, 2021

Drive My Car

Rough rough week - as you may have guessed from my crankiness. Nothing that animals and alcohol won't cure...........or at least put off for a bit. 

King of the car. 

Queen of the house. 

Little Girl. Big Girl. 
I don't know them, but adore them both. 

Honestly, he'd drive given the chance. 

Don't fuck with her.  She'll cut you. 
I mean, if she had front claws. 

One dog. Two ducksl 

Song by: the Beatles


James Dwight Williamson said...

Ottoman Sophie and Console Shep

Raybeard said...

As ever, my weekly tonic of visuals like these can be guaranteed to go do well. No sugar required. -

Bob said...

Sophie appears to be seeing your mood and telling you to 'Snap out of it!'

Travel said...

Our weekly moment of zen

Anonymous said...

Sophie looking fab as usual, a good start to the weekend.