Monday, November 08, 2021

My Music Monday

Covers of covers is the theme.....such as it is. 

I'm no fan of Kylie Minogue. I know I know - some think I should turn in my Gay Membership Card. 

Morty will say she's a national treasure......just not to our nation, but Australia. But honestly, I'll give her this, the woman has endured. 

I saw her video for "Locomotion" at the Columbus Eagle back in 1987 (I had to look up the date, because, while I'm good with my memory, I haven't bothered to track Minogue timelines). 

In most towns, Eagles are considered leather bars. In Columbus, it was a bunch of drunk dancing queens, and they rushed out to dance to Ms. Minogue. 

710 likes Kylie. I'd say we "own" some of her music, but I'm 89% sure it was "shared" from Napster. We even had a cat named Kylie, but it was not named for the singer. 

Still "Locomotion" has been around 4evah. 

When I was a kid - way back when  (1974)- I assume the song's origins resided with Grand Funk Railroad, as it was the only version at that time that I knew. At some point, I got edgamucated that it was a Carole King - Gerry Goffin song that was a hit for Little Eva a year before I was born. 

For the record, I still like Grand Funk Railroad's version the best. 

...and for the record, the only version of the three listed her that didn't go to #1 o the charts was Kylie's. No worries........hers hit the top in Australia.  Oh, and she and the powers that be changed the title to "the Loco-Motion". 

Don't fuck with Carole King folks.  Just don't. 


Travel said...

One of the musicians from Grand Funk Railroad" grew up near the airport my father flew out of - hid Beechcraft Baron would show up from time to time when he was visiting his mother.

VoenixRising said...

Right there with ya. Just don't get Kylie Minogue. Or Rufus Wainwright. Or Moby... all of whom several of my friends leave wet spots on chairs when they speak of them.