Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thank You

Ahhh. This day again. 

The 24 hours of monochromatic eating. All the Fall colours will be included - brown, off-white and green. 

It's been four years since a 'traditional' Thanksgiving dinner. Three years ago we were in Paris not having turkey. Loved it. 

Then of course, last year was just the two of us and more of the same this year. 

My sister did invite us down to join them on a trip to Florida for Thanksgiving.  But ugh - Florida. 

Granted, I haven't been back to Siesta Key for eons and I do miss it there, but ugh - Florida. I cannot abide by their governor and their lack of any Covid protocols. Adding holiday travel and by air just sealed the deal to stay put. 

She already texted me about seeing some guy we'd seen as kids at the beach. He was always VERY tan. Always with a beer. So when she said, "the Beer Guy is here", I knew exactly what she meant. And who she meant. He has to be in his late 80s at this point. 

Today will just be at home with a small turkey breast and some sides. There might be a Cooking with Blobby post coming your way from something I'm attempting to cook, should I not fuck it up..................and maybe even if I do. 

Still - a year for thanks, I guess. Still employed. Relatively healthy. Great friends. And holiday with my family. know, "due to Covid".   <wink>

Hope you enjoy yours as well. 

Song by: Dido


James Dwight Williamson said...

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely day, hope Sophie gets some turkey.

Bob said...

Happy Turkey Day.

Travel said...

Happy stress-free Thanksgiving!

Ur-spo said...

I am thankful for having you as a friend.