Sunday, August 22, 2021

O Children

There was a news item yesterday saying it is possible / probable that 90% of school-aged children could have Covid before the end of the first semester of school. 

It sounds heartless for me to say this - but say it I will:  

I don't care if they get it.  I don't even care should they perish. 

If parents, teachers, elected officials (local, state, federal) want to fight people on the need to get vaccines and / or wear masks  as a "personal choice", then fuck it - I say, "let 'em crash".  All of them. 

Sure, I feel bad for the kids, but just as grandparents were a write-off to the same elected officials in the first few surges, kids can be just as expendable this go round, right? 

Honestly, I want these parents to hurt. And all these who are just digging their heels into the ground. 

Yeah yeah - I'm sure there are the parents who are doing all the right things. Then vaccinate those kids, if you can, and make them wear a mask at school - even if the other snot-nosed shitheads are not. Or home school them. 

Honestly, DeSantis and Co. down in Florida are the worst of the worst and just like BLOTUS, nothing is sticking to this guy. Maybe a few hundred kids lives on his hands will. And their teachers. 

I really don't understand the teacher's unions. I haven't heard a peep from them, but why are these teachers not striking?  Why are they just sitting there and taking the potential for a deadly respiratory disease?  If the districts all band together, what the fuck is the state actually going to do?  Fire every single teacher? They'er already severely short staffed. 

So, if the state and local governments want to play g-d, that's fine. They just get to deal with the fall-out. 

I hope. 

Song by: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


Travel said...

News out of Brevard County Florida, (space center, my parents retired and died in that area.) Last week over 1800 students and teaches infected, over 8000 in quarantine.

Ur-spo said...

let us hopes so.