Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Time passes too fast. In theory, I know it's the same increments, but perhaps I'm just feeling the sand slipping to the bottom half of the hour glass. 

How is it that Shep is already six years old?  well..........yesterday he was. 

Oh, I know we haven't had him for six. It still a few weeks away that we've had him for five years. Still, it hasn't seemed this long, but the days are ticking away. 

He's no longer a puppy - obvi. He no longer wakes at 04:30 to go out and sometimes I have to pry him to get him to go out on our a.m. walk.  Anymore these are not as necessary.  He can hold whatever he has to - and due to not being able (currently) to leave him at home a few days a week, he goes to daycare Monday through Friday.  He can poop there, should he need 

I'm not thrilled with five days of daycare. But now that 710 has been called back to the office, Shep hasn't been alone in 18 months. Almost never left alone in this house more than an hour or two. 

And we love our dog walker, and she loves Shep, and Shep LOVES her. I want to keep her employed. But she gets his separation anxiety. In the old house, it was somewhat manageable, with an apartment above the garage. He could get into little trouble there - though he did pull up the vinyl flooring in a fit of rage (?) one day. That doesn't fly in this house. 

His walks have slowed down too. It's not longer go-go-go-go-go-go-go.  I mean, as much as hounds do that between sniffs.  Now, he tires more and stops to rest on his own. To the untrained eye, he's still very active - and he is. But we notice subtle differences. 

Still - he was THRILLED to see me at pick-up yesterday. He got hugs, kisses and an extra dentastick after dinner. He doesn't know it's his birthday, because he's treated like a king every day. 

Song by: Kim Wilde


Raybeard said...

Hearty best wishes to the Birthday Boy. May he NEVER grow old - or, at least, never feel he is.

James Dwight Williamson said...

That is as it should be. Happy Birthday Shep. .” He doesn’t know it’s his birthday, because he’s treated like a king everyday”👍👍👍

Travel said...

Such a pretty boy!