Sunday, August 15, 2021

Popsicle Toes

Yesterday was feet day. 

I don't do enough self-care. I assume most people - yourselves included - don't either. 

Honestly, professional pedicures are the extent of my self-care. I have never had a massage, or a spa visit. Clearly I don't even get haircuts. 

My problem with my feet is not doing it enough. Literally. 

Age and overuse have beaten those fuckers down. It would take a lot to get them to 'normal'. But 2-3 times per year won't probably do the trick 

I've made a decision for once a month. 

Should you have not had a pedicure, I highly recommend it. My friend Becky tried to get me to go back in - yes, I remember - 2011, but I put it off...............until 2015. 

Even then, I have only been a handful of times - the last one being in Provincetown in May. The time before that, right before sheltering in place 14 months prior. 

I am thrilled at how my feel are currently looking today, but I know that it won't last if I don't keep up with it all. 

Even better news - the place I have gone now provides alcohol. 

I mean, they always had a bar, but now one drink is provided with the pedicure. I'd say it's "free", but I also know I'm actually paying for it, but they bring it right to me. 

Hey - if folks are touching my feet, there is zero reason I shouldn't be taking the edge off with booze. 

Song by: Diana Krall


James Dwight Williamson said...

Such a lovely post, Seriously, I think every one deserves pampering. I also think you have sexy legs. I think the prize line in your post , is “If people are touching or playing with your feet, why not drink alcohol “ A big thank you for putting a huge smile on my face this morning.!

Travel said...

My sweetie bear goes a couple of times a month, I can't remember the last time, should do that.

Raybeard said...

There may well come a time, though not necessarily for everyone, when one is strongly recommended to take to regular professional foot-care. With my Type-2 diabetes, which I've now endured for around 15 years, I was firmly discouraged from attempting to cut my own toe-nails [which I can hardly reach now anyway] in case of inadvertently cutting my flesh, so every 3-4 months I go to a private podiatrist - costing £34 for half-hour [circa $50 American] who sees to all my foot neds. It's expensive, at least for me on a pension, but well worth avoiding the dire consequences if anything went wrong with self-cutting. Maybe you won't find yourself being forced into it.

Btw; Thanks for your e-mail reply to my own response to your initial concerned enquiry.