Thursday, August 05, 2021

What a Difference a Day Makes

...........and we're back. 

To masking. 

To the absolute surprise of no one, Covid numbers are climbing in Ohio. I mean, they're climbing most everywhere, but I don't live most everywhere. 

Monday Covid Numbers in Ohio (reported on Tuesday)

Tuesday Covid Numbers in Ohio (reported on Wednesday)

Quite the jump in 24 hours. 

Whoopee.......and he keeps going up for this morning's news cycle. 

All the counties around us, save one (tick tick tick), is back to mandating mask wearing indoors. 

While I say 'good', I'm waiting for the foot stomping, the throwing on the ground with the tears and tantrums - while their three year old looks on. 

At work yesterday, we got the email saying we are going back to masking, which isn't really a huge huge change. It's a frickin' hospital. We were never allowed to unmask in patient care areas or public areas. Just in administrative areas where people had to prove to be vaccinated and in small groups.  

Honestly, the extent of my unmasking was to walk across the hall to go the bathroom, where one might argue is where I should have worn it....................if you know what I mean. 

The biggest thing of the memo was the timing. Usually it is, "on such and such a date we will be....", but this one was, "effective IMMEDIATELY............."

I still wear my mask in all stores and would have continued to do so, regardless of county regulations. 

I am waiting on our fucked-up governor, who was so strong in the beginning, and just kowtowed to the right legislature, as now he is in fear for his job due to his mandatory masking and sheltering in place orders. Honestly, if he had not, these dipshits opposing him would have been dead months he was a little short-sighted. 

We will see how compliance goes. We will see how it will affect businesses. But you know, a dead consumer spends no money.  ....maybe that's what they should consider. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I have no fucks left to give I say let’s wait till September First or Labor Day the very day FDA promises lt will give final approval to Pfizer and set. Up mandatory vaccination. Using whatever job or Monetary.blackmail we can to get the rest of these people vaccinated. It won’t happen that way but at least more can be added.