Saturday, August 28, 2021

Away From Home

Back home after our week and a half away.  We missed the kids a lot, but tried to not let it consume us. 

Sophie was at home and had someone with her all the time, so she probably got more attention than when we were home. And Shep was safely boarded at his daycare place. 

Some pics are holdovers, as clearly, we weren't home to take new ones. But some are from the daycare's IG feed. 

Shep still isn't really allowed in the new yard yet. Soon. 

Hanging together, before we went on vacation. 

At least a co-starring role and not just the extra. 
He looks happy being there. 

Same here. 

We got to see, and sometimes pet, dogs while we were away. 
This beauty lived next door to where we were staying - she LOVVVVED  the foolball. 

....and Shep finally got a starring movie from daycare / boarding. 

Soph was happy to have us home, but didn't give too much grief - as her aunt stayed with her the entire time. She was well cared after. 

.....and now they're back together. 

Song by: David Broza


James Dwight Williamson said...

Hope you rested and enjoyed your time away and- enjoy your weekend.

Travel said...

Glad you got away for a week. I sense that dogs miss us, cats - well they are happy either way.

Raybeard said...

Love to see happy dogs with their infectious broad 'grins', though with cats you can never tell their moods - well apart from their mostly infrequent purrs, I suppose

Ur-spo said...

happy pooch to have you home !