Monday, August 30, 2021

My Music Monday

I will start a September theme a few days early:  Songs I Heard on Vacation. 

Some will be new. Most will be not. 

Todays is a song from the past: 1981. 

I like the Moody Blues enough, as they did somewhat pop and moved into progressive rock when Justin Hayward took over for Denny Laine (who would go on to play with Wings). 

But with the advent of music videos and the change in radio - the progressive stations going away for popular fare - the band semi-adapted. "The Voice" would be a perfect bridge from prog rock to pop rock. 

I forgot how much I liked the song - and got to hear it twice on our trip*.


* I fully believe that Sirius XM uses the same x amount of songs for certain y amount of weeks / months and then rotates them out. If you listen enough, their playlists (on almost any station) are predictable. Access to hundreds of thousands of songs, yet each station will use like 64.........repeatedly. 

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