Monday, August 23, 2021

My Music Monday

I was minding my own business on the drive home from work last week. 

Until I looked at the pic on my phone, I didn't even know to which XM station I was listening. 

Yes, sometimes, I snap a pic of a song I think I like, because sometimes it takes too long to soundhound....and I'm driving. 

I don't know from Wild Nothing. But I was digging the vibe from their song "Paradise". 

Is it wrong to say that one of my first thoughts was, "this would be perfect on Ecstasy"?

Now, it's been three decades - give or take a few years - since I have done X, and the music of the '90s wasn't all that great as a companion to drugs - though I will say, we made the most of it. ("Shout!").  The music of the 90s doesn't really hold up over all - and I know that's a big brushstroke with which to paint, but I stand by my statement. 

While the song is from 2012, it has a 1980s New Order-ish vibe, but it's mixed with a little trance too. 

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