Monday, August 09, 2021

My Music Monday

Continuing on my morose post from yesterday...............Aimee Mann has a new song out - from a kind of soon to be released album, if November is "soon to be". 

The disk, Queens of the Summer Hotel, is billed as songs inspired by the book Girl, Interrupted

On that level, the album - which I've pre-ordered - will be lost on me, as I never have read it or seen the movie. Nor do I have an interest. 

But the lead "single" is called "Suicide is Murder". 

The song is piano heavy, with accompanying strings. It's a somewhat strange lead track. Mann is in good form, as always, and I'd say it's not a catchy tune, but terms of solo work, that isn't always her thing. Again, maybe it would mean more if I knew the book / movie inspirations (though my guess is girl disappears and either shows up dead as a suicide but to look like murder to frame someone like a husband or boyfriend?  or murder to look like suicide?'m I doing with that?). 

I generally like Mann's disks, so here's hoping. 2021 has not yet been a stellar year for music releases in my book. 

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Dave in Texas said...

I like it! It took me a couple of listens to get into it with that kind of clunky piano bit, but I think it will be a favorite. 'Mental Illness' will be hard to top for me.