Wednesday, August 11, 2021

I'll Wait

 This sums up the shittiness that is Florida and its governor. 

I truly do not get Desantis' end game with this. How does all of this not hurt his state's economy?  I mean, I suppose he hopes the less affluent populations perish, as they weren't going to vote for him in the first place.  .....but then who is going to clean all the Kentucky Taco Hut bathrooms - should the people who he thinks are the spreaders of the disease - once they call kick the bucket? 

I mean, I suppose they don't call the state 'g-d's waiting room' for nothing.

Song by: Van Halen


James Dwight Williamson said...

Our Family has lived here for around 70 years. Seen a lot of changes In Florida . Ron DeSantis has killed 39,000 people during the Pandemic . He won his election , by 32,000 votes. It is the Trump component, poor whites who will keep him in office if he stays but since none of them vaccinate maybe they’ll be dead. I live in an affluent suburb he isn’t worshipped or adored here. Actually Floridians , native Floridians resent all the lunatics that move here from the other fifty states, although I don’t think that’s happening so much anymore. All the slang and slams that are visited on us, I find interesting . There is a huge dichotomy in Florida , the haves and the have nots. DeSantis can’t be recalled as it’s not in the constitution . I don’t believe he will be re-elected thus fucking his presidential aspirations. He is a Harvard Educated bully who will destroy himself. None to soon for the masses.

Travel said...

What a mess! Glad I left, 26 years ago.

Ur-spo said...

Science fiction fans say he's a Raver (a possessed spirit)