Monday, August 02, 2021

My Music Monday

I don't really have a theme, but maybe I can make one. 

Maybe, songs inspired by other people? I'll think about it as the week goes on, but I'll start here on the off-chance this happens. 

With the ZZ Top guy dying, it was easy to miss that Chuck E. Weiss died at 76. 

Weiss was blues musician, songwriter and club owner in Los Angeles, where he was also a friend of Tom Waits. But he was also, for a time, the boyfriend of Rickie Lee Jones, who immortalized him in her first hit, "Chuck E's in Love".  Yes, folks, it wasn't "Chuckie's in Love". 

I go through peaks and valleys with this song. I either love it or am fine with never listening to it again - depending on my mood. I blame '70's radio on that. They played this song to death! I hope it made Rickie a fortune. 

But the song did bring Rickie Lee Jones into my world, and her second  / follow-up album, Pirates, is still one of the finest albums out there. 

Still, why not give a nod to Mr. Weiss just for that. 

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