Friday, August 27, 2021

Cool, Calm & Collected

This week, in blogville, has been almost all about music. And death. And / Or. 

I won't say the death of Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, hit me hard, but it certainly got me thinking. 

Watts had been the band's drummer since 1963 (my age!).  That is job longevity.  Only Jagger and Richards had been with the band longer. All other members have come and gone, one way or another. 

Charlie was what I would call the most unassuming member of a rock band ever - and I'm including Tracy Partridge in that grouping. 

For what might be the greatest rock and roll band ever (arguably!), Watts had one of the smallest drunk kits ever.  See kids - it's not all about size, but about how you use it.  Whatever "it" may be for you. 

I used to joke with my friend Ann (when she was my friend), that Charlie always seemed so bored with it all. His energy level was just above that as having a pulse......barely. 

The reality is: he kept the tempo for a highly energetic rock group for almost 60 years. You don't do that without keeping the pace for them - not the other way around. He just did it with aplomb and an unwavering set of hands.  .....and a seemingly expressionless face. 

The thinking part, to which I mentioned earlier, is really age.  Watts was 80. The rest of the band isn't far behind, yet still about to go out on the road (and the plan was to do it without Watts anyways).  The bands of my era are all in their 70s and 80s now.......instead of being from the '70s and '80s. That is, if they're still alive at all. 

Of course, these bands are rarely, if ever, producing anything new (though the Stones put out a pretty decent song during Covid in 2020), and the tours are for the dollars. I get for some of them, they need the coin, but the Stones, Fleetwood Mac, U2 aren't any of them. If they were funneling those dollars to the musicians who struggle, I get it - but they're more than likely paying off ex-spouses.  Being Jerry Hall ain't'I right Rupert???

So, adieu Mr. Watts. It was a wild 58 years.   ....and can you believe it?  Keith Richards outlasted you. 

Song by: the Rolling Stones

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