Friday, August 21, 2020

Mixed Messages

Sooooo......yesterday 710 sent this to me via text. 

I believe (well, I know) my response was: Fuck. Him. 

At first I thought it was just an ad.  And it is, but it's a little more. It is a request to my actual board of elections to request an Absentee Ballot. 

Of course, in theory, this is hypocrisy, which is a normal BLOTUS state of affairs. 

He's all like, 'Absentee good; mail in bad'.  Except for the fact that they're the same. How do the idiotic voters on both sides not know this? 

And then there is that whole mail slow down thingy he's got going on. So does he want me to vote by mail or lose my vote by mail? 

Which then get me overthinking:  I'm in no way shape or form a republican or registered as, or even remotely ever thinking about it. So how the fuck did I get on their mailing list?

It could totally be my over active imagination / conspiracy theory that's gotta be workin' workin' day and night, but it is possible they're sending these to registered democrats to get them to do mail-in voting that they're gonna screw up with the mail? 

Honestly, I put nothing past these folks.  Nothing. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

We are going to early vote in Florida which begins October 24 th. We will wear mask gloves and visor and go to the largest library in my county at 2pm when it will be slow probably the 27th. So much wrong, I am voting for Biden but I just got lucky , he was my first choice. Kamala will help him and we will burn Donald Trump down at the polls or wherever. I love the post office but will risk my mothers life she is 88 so we can do the right thing. Anne Marie is the Queen of curses so I will say I second her characterization!

anne marie in philly said...

@james - why thank you, darling! either you've visited my blog or have seen my statements on

our absentee ballots will be arriving next month. vote early and vote often!

Anonymous said...

In my jurisdiction, you get all the fringe mailers if you are registered without a party preference. Also, we get to turn in our ballots in the drop box at the Voters reg office about a week prior to election day to avoid the possibility of USPS tampering.