Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Love on the Rocks


Well, since I don't know the exact moment Tiffany will be speaking at the RNC, I've opted not to watch. 

And of course, there is the shit show that is Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty Liberty Liberty University. (I know, now you're gonna have that jingle in your head all. day. long.      You're welcome!)

I might be a little graphic in this post, so make sure you have your parent's consent to go any further. 

Ok - I cannot be the only one to believe that this Jerry's Kid is utter fabrication, right? 

There are a few parts I believe, of course. There was a years long affair. There was a pool boy. There was a "trainer". There probably wasn't his wife's pregnant assistant or a costume party. I'm 99% sure there was cuckolding.

However, it wasn't the pool boy boning Mrs Jerry Jr. while the "resigned" president watched.  Noooooo. Nooooooo.  Noooooooo. 

Jerry was the one taking it up the poop chute. And Poolie was degrading Jer in front of his wife....assuming his was actually ever there - or even knew about it. At least until the pics started leaking a few years back. 

Hence the pic with Kathy Griffin's trashy younger southern cousin. Trying to throw anyone off the track. That, clearly did not work. 

So, my theory is: since Falwell Jr is worth about $100MM, his wife was ok with taking the fall for all of this - for a nice hefty pay-out......and a one way ticket out of Lynchburg. First class. 

Song by: Neil Diamond


James Dwight Williamson said...

I believe you win final Jeopardy for 1000$ ,Blobby! Too much pearl clutching for somebody not to be laying pipe up Mr. Falwell, Jr!

uptonking said...

I agree about her agreeing to take the fall for this. And, if the pool boy didn't fuck Jerry... he sure is now!