Monday, August 24, 2020

My Music Monday

 I think you all know I don't have a streaming service, They pay artists a fraction of a fraction of a cent per play. Honestly,  Napster (that's still a thing?) pays the best at $0.019 per stream. YouTube is the worst at $0.00069 per view. 

Think about that. An artist on YouTube gets paid one penny for every 14-15 plays.  $1.00 for 1500 plays. Since no artist that isn't Taylor Swift or the likes, aren't getting that many plays per day, I'd say these artists were working for peanuts, but I'm also guessing peanuts cost more than a buck. 

I purchase my music, as I believe an artist should be paid for their work. 

That said, 710 does have Apple Music ($0.00783 / stream) and he uses it quite frequently, though not often when I'm around. The exception is dinner prep time. He will put on a 'chill' mix, or lately a 'new music' mix. The latter getting updated a few times per week based (seemingly) on things he's sampled. 

Lately there has been a lot of Alanis (I actually like a few songs on her new disk), Bush (ditto) and the new Psychedelic Furs disk. 

Yes, the Furs have their first studio album in 29 years (!!!!).   ....and what little I've heard, does not suck. 

Today's selection, "Ash Wednesday" has been the best of the three songs I have heard. Their "Hide the Medicine", I'm assuming at this day and age would be their Plavix. 

But the band not only recorded something that sounds good and not nostalgia (i.e. making everything sound like "Pretty in Pink" - though I still adore that), but is just pretty good music. Vocalist, Richard Butler, sounds as he did three decades ago. 

So, click the below and give the guys $0.00069 - though they'll have to split that six ways. 


Morty said...

I actually don't hate the Silver Sun Pickups cover of Martika's Toy Soldiers as much as I expected.

Blobby said...

You made 710 laugh.