Saturday, August 29, 2020

a Face in the Crowd

 Pet Day.  Pet Day.  Pet Day. 

We met Bailey at Bow Wow Beach.  
She and Shep - meh?  Bailey and every other dog there? A+++

She's not quite the agility dog. She wasn't sure what to do. 

Lounging Soph

Anymore, 710 usually goes in to pick-up Shep, so I don't see these guys and gals. 
Yesterday, I went in and got quite the greeting. 

He is a work of art. Period. End of story. 

No bathroom peace, but I'm not really wanting any. 
Any attention she wants; she gets. It's that simple. 

Song by: Tom Petty


Raybeard said...

Good job that the beautiful little Bailey's presence is appreciated by others, though must be puzzling to be rejected by Shep, which may well make him a bit of a challenge for B.

Oh, to be greeted by all those doggie smiles at the care centre - Heaven. So non-judgmental - or perhaps it's cos they know a true friend when they see/smell one.

And with Sophie it's just one day after another, any 'excitements' for her - i.e. anything out of the ordinary - being a serendipitous bonus.

anne marie in philly said...

bailey is such a cutie.
and all those other faces at day care - all doggies, but all different breeds.
queen sophie ALWAYS gets what she wants.
and I like the ART sculpture.

Bob said...

All those doggie faces are a great way to end a day.