Thursday, June 04, 2020

What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round?

So, yesterday I was clearly in a mood. 

I still am.  I can't even start with BLOTUS, bible (ha!), church, refusing to smile Melanoma, Ivanka Twat's bible carrying $1,450 purse.....any of it. 

I can't even start with police union leaders. Or police leaders saying "it was out of towners".....when arrest records say exactly the opposite. 

The fucking police have an opportunity to do an about-face and work with and for the people, but instead, they're doubling down. Sure, not all of them, but enough of them.  

But still......this country. 

I mean, would you look at this headline. 

Rand Paul is a dickwad for sure, but that's not even my issue. 


Honest to fucking g-d!

We wonder what is wrong with any number of levels of leadership, and yet here we are. It amazes me that it actually needs to be said, let alone spelled out:  DO NOT LYNCH. This is so depressing, it is beyond belief.

The sad fact it, putting it into words isn't going to stop it. If say, any law enforcement hasn't changed that behaviour over the last 60 years, something on the books isn't bound to reverse course. And honestly, if they do get something on the books, it's to placate. "See?  We're serious about change now!". 

It's all window dressing, but that it's still a discussion point almost 60 years after the civil rights act, is beyond the pale, and it is disingenuous. 

And it's depressing as fuck. 

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