Tuesday, June 09, 2020


 I am confounded by friends who are so   fucking buoyed by the likes of Colin Powell endorsing Pappy Joe for president. 

Oh, and as it turns out, these friends don't like to be called out on it either. 

Powell, rightfully calls out BLOTUS and Congress for their complicit behaviour. They are abhorrent in every regard. 

Still, it's his quote: "He lies. He lies about things. And he gets away with it, because people will not hold him accountable."


I'd say, 'that's where he lost me', but he lost me well before that, and a long long long time ago. 

This dude worked for Shrub. This dude who knowingly lied to the UN about WMD in Iraq - which lead to 4,804 US military deaths. Oh - and about. 179,000 others !!!!

So mind you, sure, Powell knows from which he speaks, but it's all bad. 

BLOTUS called him out on it too - which sorry to say - he was right to do. It's bullshit. 

So, back to one of my friends: He was over the moon on this endorsement. But I couldn't keep my mouth (i.e. fingers) shut. I brought up Powell's, at best, borderline war criminal behaviour.  I actually, got back a "....but this is NOW!". 

Not to be deterred, I stated, if he endorsed BLOTUS instead, 'you'd be the first one call him a war criminal......and all those deaths are FOREVER'. 

I'll kind of give him this, he didn't unfriend me, but he did delete my comments. 

But it is true - what Dems are willing to overlook that they wouldn't if the exact same behaviour was done by the GOP.  They're all about calling out hypocrisy yet never see it in themselves. 

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Bob said...

Politicians have short memories.
It's not what he's DONE, it's what he's DOING.