Monday, June 15, 2020

My Music Monday

I am as surprised as anyone (though, let's be honest, none of you are) that Ive selected a song from Cage the Elephant

For some reason they have been XM's favourite child for the last few years - where almost any station that isn't Ozzy Ozborne's has been playing them. So much so, that I have outwardly speculated if payloa is back and thriving in radioland. 

I will stipulate again about XM - when 8-9 stations are playing the same song from the same group for months or year on end (I'm looking at you Portugal, the Man), that you simply cannot be played on the 'alternative' station. Sure, you're an alternate to the '50s station, but.....if the song is mainstream, it's not longer alternative. 

Cage the Elephant fits into that description too. 

And while I find their stuff very milquetoast, my surprise comes at their newest release, "Black Madonna". 

No fear, it's not Madge with her grill and chains. I know she thinks she's not white, catholic or old, but she is all of those things......and less. 

But "Black Madonna' has a great hook, one even Mr. Krankypants cannot deny. It's a little repetitive with the chorus, but not enough to weigh it down. It's almost summer fare.

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James Dwight Williamson said...

“But she is all of those things and less” lmao!