Friday, June 05, 2020


Remember a few weeks back when Nancy Pelosi said that BLOTUS was obese?  Oh my - all the GOP was all a clatter (I'm sure that is a phrase, and if not, it is now!) about her statement that the president was a fat fuck. 

Now, my BMI says that at 6'2", anything over 185 is considered 'overweight'.  I haven't seen 185 in almost four years. I'm not tons (ha! get it?) above that number, but you know somewhere in my electronic medical record, it says "fatty". 

So BLOTUS had his annual physical the other day. The man is one inch taller than I and 51 pounds heavier. 

He fat. 

Actually, he obese!

Me, being me, took his stats and plugged them into not one, but three, BMI calculators.  Let's take a look, shall we? 



OBESE !!!!

So, all of BLOTUS' bullshit about the main stream media and all its fake news? I saw a lot of them report about his physical, including the weight and height. I saw NONE of them calculate and talk about a potential health issue with the "president" of this county.  

Of course, the sanitized physical report doesn't say 'obese' either.  

Make no mistake, BLOTUS is obese. 


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Ur-spo said...

He is obese yes.