Saturday, June 27, 2020

Stairway to Heaven

End of June. End of Pride Month - the Pride Month that never was. Virtual Pride. 

So, Sophie and Shep have two dads. They were raised fine without a mom. Both are well adjusted. Kind of. Sometimes. Usually. 

Today is very Shep heavy. Sophie has been laying low, keeping cool. 

Dad #2 on his own for after work walk. 
We stop. We rest. We take in the world - and hopefully some water. 

But Dad #1 has the best office mate. 
Office relationships do work. 

Always social distancing. 
Florida: take note!

I wish Shep was a little brighter in this pic, but the clouds are perfect. 
Love the dark undersides of them. 

Shep greeting me while I open the back for groceries. 
He's always SO happy to see either one of us. 

Sophie got stairs for her birthday. 
She's aging so, 710 bought her stairs. It took her about 1.5 weeks before she used them. 
Now she's up and down ALL the time. 

Someone last week asked about our history of getting Sophie. You can read about it here and here (with pictures) 

Shep may have two gay dads, but at daycare, he is a lady's man. 
But he's secure enough in his masculinity to pose with a Pride rock that someone left in a park. 

Song by: Dolly Parton


Raybeard said...

On pressing each of your 'Sophie's story' click-ons I only get a repeat of your present posting above. I'll be surprised if it's just me.

No complaints about this being 'Shep heavy' but there's enough of a good helping of dear ol' Sophie too to keep me well happy.

Blobby said...

Thanks RB, I fixed. Still making my way through the new Blogger.

anne marie in philly said...

it was I who asked about sophie. I see I was reading you by 2011 when sophie turned 5. thank you for the link.

best pix - shep and the clouds.

Bob said...

Pride Shep!

Raybeard said...

Thanks for fixing the links, B. What a pleasure it is to see again little baby Sophie, with her boy's name vanquished, and to remind us of her history. She made a great choice of you two as her foster-parents and she must every day be filled with gratitude that you returned her overtures of affection. This is as uplifting a post as any you've so far posted, and we thank you for it.

And yes, this new blogger-thingy system is exasperating. Still inferior to the old one in my view. Hope it either gets better or I get to recognise its 'advantages', so far a mystery.

CALVIN said...

Wow! after a shitty morning the Sophie tribute was just what I needed. Thanks for that.

Ur-spo said...

Shep has a lovely smile.